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21 States Sue to block Obama

A coalition of 21 states sued the DOL on Tuesday over a new rule that would make about 4 million higher-earning workers eligibile for overtime pay. Nevada Atty. General Adam Laxalt filed the lawsuit claiming, “this rule, pushed by distant bereacrats in D.C. tramples state and local government budgets, forcing states to shift money from other important programs to balance their budgets, including programs intended to protect the very families that purportedly benefit from such federal overreach.” This also puts an undue burden on business removing the “white collar” exemption and doubling the minimum salary threshold.

The lawsuit was filed in eastern Texas known by its jurisdiction to have “Rocket Docket.” It is likely this will be heard and possibly and injuction will be made by the December 1, 2016 deadline.


Representatives from a coalition of payroll service providers that deposit taxes on behalf of clients have questioned the IRS regarding the steps it has taken to prevent erroneous tax deposit penalty notices being sent to clients after at least two federal tax holidays. Brandon Schultz of Schultz & Co. CPA’s told the agency these “continous letters are a disturbing new development in an agency plagued with processing errors.” Scott Mezistrano, of the IRS’ industry engagement and strategy group, said that the problem has now been resolved, and that notices of adjustment have been sent to the affected companies. Scott’s response is actually bullshit!